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Chicago attorney Stuart Goldberg promotes his book with a movie

BY Shia K. - Chicago Business
Tue, 18 May, 2010

Chicago criminal defense attorney Stuart Goldberg has a self-published book out. You could add it to a long list of Chicagoans with the writing bug, but this one sticks out because he's promoting the novel with a cinematic book trailer.

"I thought if people could see it, they'd get an idea of what the book is about. It's a visual world," Mr. Goldberg says of his trailer for "The One and Only," a romantic psychological thriller about a billionaire collector who travels the world for one-of-a-kind antiquities. He's also chasing a woman, of course.

Video trailers are the latest marketing tool in book publishing, says Laura Miller in a recent story. "Some trailers are so rudimentary they're just a still shot of the cover attached to an audio recording of a live reading," she says. "Anything more ambitious can cost the hopeful author as much as $3,000."

Mr. Goldberg's goes beyond the typical shot of still photos and text flashing across the screen, thanks in part to his fascination with the film industry.

The author has written a half-dozen screenplays and is working on his second novel.

"The One and Only" takes place in cities around the world — but not Chicago.

The trailer, however, was filmed in Windy City. The opening scenes in England are really on Chapel Road in Barrington; Evanstonia Antiques & Restoration at 120 W. Kinzie St. in Chicago, and at the Blackstone Hotel on South Michigan Avenue.

"The One and Only" can be purchased at Barbara's Bookstore or on



BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist
Sun, 28 Feb 2010

Looney Clooneyville . . .
Word that actor George Clooney is selling his Italian villa on Lake Como because of hounding paparazzi reminded Sneed of a Chicago lawyer who traveled to Italy on a lark to place a movie script in Clooney's hands.

Backdate: Defense attorney Stuart Goldberg, a fixture at the Criminal Courthouse at 26th and California who's known for eye-catching ties and debonair suits, made the journey last August.

Backscript: Shortly after the Como trip, Goldberg told Sneed: "I was thinking of renting a boat and throwing the script over" Clooney's Como villa balcony.

Backshot: But Goldberg didn't have to. On a hunch, he went to Lake Como's Il Gatto Nero restaurant, which Clooney frequents, and the waitstaff helped arrange a quick meet- and-greet with the actor.

Upshot: Clooney left with Goldberg's script in hand. Based on Goldberg's book, The One and Only, the script is a romantic/ psychological thriller about an obsessed collector who seeks out the rarest things in the world.

Update: "The screenplay is with Clooney's agents, and I'm waiting to hear back whether he'll be attached to the project," Goldberg says. "Or whether the next in line -- Russell Crowe or Clive Owen -- will be involved. And I'm considering Josh Brolin. For the female lead, I'd like Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Sloan in HBO's 'Entourage.' "