The Character: Rene Sorrell

With a quintessence of character and subtle understanding of the entire moral mechanism of this world, Rene Sorrell, 44, six feet of refinement, controlled charm, instinct, and vision, believes in only one thing -- his own alchemy. Revenging himself upon a world that he knows is out of control, he is convinced he can achieve complete mastery through a singular act of possession. With an obsession for the rarest things in life, he searches out only the priceless, the unique, the one-of-a-kind, and collects them. Living life at the unbelievable pitch of refinement, he exists in a world of his own creation.

The One: Saira DuFour

The Antagonists:: Themselves

The Psychological Condition: Enantriodromia

Sooner or later everything seeks out its opposite.

The Front Cover: A Doctor's Lady

In China, for centuries, the recognized standard of propriety did not permit Chinese women to disrobe before a male doctor. In order to meet this restriction, the Chinese doctor always carried an ivory diagnostic figure known as a Doctor’s Lady. He would pass the nude, female figurine to his patient with the request, “Point to where it hurts.”